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Why Should You Create an Email List? Learn about One Time For All

In the last few days, several of the interviews and testimonials posted on this site showed that creating email lists was key for entrepreneurs to multiply their profits. If the email list is a money-making machine, as many people say, why do so many people have lists that do not generate anything?

This is because they do not understand simple and basic concepts that are behind the construction of a list. However, for the procedures to be applied simply, you need to take some precautions before and during the conduct of your campaign . And I’m going to tell you a deal: worse than a list that does not work is one that generates expenses and annoys your audience.

Do you know the basics of creating a list? You know what an avatar is ? These are two crucial elements to the success of your marketing and they can turn a white elephant into a work of art.

The Importance of Creating Email List

Anyone knows that having a good relationship with the client is beneficial. If you go to a store where the person greets you, as if you were making an obligation, it is very likely that you do not feel comfortable and do not want to buy anything from that store.

On the other hand, if you are treated with a smile and the salesman shows himself to be a very attentive and committed person in solving their problems, he is able to return to the store just because of him. And what does this have to do with creating email lists?

The list is one of the tools used by those who want to show that they care about their audience. That means the list will be your seller with a smile on his face, but on the internet. For this reason, it is important to take the sales approach !

How To Know If Your List Is Good

Your email list needs to have some features:

  • It can not be bought;
  • can not be rented;
  • must be built in such a way that the subscriber wishes to receive his emails.

“But why can not I buy a list of 1 million emails?” This is the question I hear most when I talk about it. The truth is that you may even think that every purchase that comes from this list is a profit, but it is not, because with each purchase there will be several spam tags and this will leave your name on the blacklist of the email servers.

And what is the problem of joining the blacklist? If you are on the blacklist, people will no longer receive your emails and this, in addition to being a big waste of money, is a big waste of time.

You know how I know that? I’ve been on the dark side of the force. You know what’s worse? You can be sure it’s hard to get off the blacklist. So having a big list does not mean anything. What really matters is how you got the list and what you do with it. As they say, size is not document!

But if the question is not the number of people on the list, what should you do? You should motivate them to create a relationship with you, only then you will have a return on your email marketing . Show that subscribing to your list will bring benefits to it, but keep in mind that when you do, you’ll be promising to that person that your marketing emails will have valuable content.

Delivering Value to Your List

Does your friend know that when he talks to you, most of the time, he asks you a favor? At the beginning of the month he asks for a favor and you do. If he asks for another favor a week later, you can even do it. What if he asks for it again next week? Worse, what if he asks for favors for 2, 3, 4 months in a row?

This is how many people see the emails that are sent by various stores and companies. They simply ask for a favor, meaning they simply try to push the product for you.

And just as no one likes to continue to do favors for those who reciprocate, you do not want to buy from someone who just throws product behind product in their inbox. You have to create value !

Relationship Bank

You can not deceive yourself and find that once the relationship  created will never be undone. Of course, since this relationship is built it is much easier to sell to that person, but that does not mean that you are now allowed to be pushing content for it.

Imagine a jar filled with water. The more quality information and helpful tips he receives, the more that jar will be filled.

When making a purchase, it is as if the person put some of the water in a glass and drink. What happened? The jar lost its volume. The volume of this jar represents the intensity of your relationship with the audience and you can not let it empty.

And to create rapport with your audience, you need to get the basics: communicate with them. But if I have the list, I can already communicate, can not I? Not exactly.

Chatting with the Public

To have communication, there must be a channel – which in this case is your list – but it is also necessary that the two sides involved want and can talk. And I leave you two questions:

  • Do you talk to your childhood friend the same way you talk to a potential business partner?
  • Are the subjects the same?

If you answered “no”, know that the same logic is applied when creating mailing list. And that’s where the avatar comes in . He will be responsible for determining if you will be able to keep your audience reading your messages.

If you are interested in knowing how to use your email lists to increase your sales considerably, I advise you to check out Launch Formula testimonials .

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