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What is Affiliate and How It Can Help Your Company

Recently, I spoke here at Digital Ignition about the potential of affiliate programs, and how affiliate marketing strategies can make your business profit even more . But after all, what is an affiliate? How can it help your business grow on the internet?

What is Affiliate?

When it comes to affiliate marketing and affiliate program, there are two ways to make money:

The first is advertising your product / service through the affiliate program.

The second is to become an affiliate, ie open the space of your site / blog, so that the program makes advertisements for your reader, and you are remunerated according to income.

Advantages of being an affiliate

By being affiliated, you have the possibility to monetize your website and even make a profit; in addition, affiliate programs provide the right product / service choice with your site. For example, your blog talks about pet training, so the products offered on your site will be just for that segment.

How Affiliates Can Help Your Business

The affiliates will be the commercial representatives of your business , that is, salesmen who will do everything to profit and grow along with your company. Nowadays, investing in online media is very productive and generates great results. But, a good base of affiliates, helps you in this endeavor.

Best Affiliate Programs

I’ve listed 6 affiliate programs that can help your business grow even more:

Google AdSense

The AdSense is the first step for anyone who wanted ingressas in affiliate marketing. It is the most basic and stable platform, and it helps you at the beginning of this journey.

Uol Affiliates

As Uol says, they value the pixel² of your site, paying for clicks and allowing the customization of some advertisements. Ideal for long-term monetization.

Submarine, American and Free Market

The Internet sales networks Submarino and Americanas participate in the same affiliate program, in addition to the Free Market that has its own program.

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