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Discover Your Ideal Conversion Rate

Ideal Conversion

When working with digital marketing, we often need to identify metrics and ways of analyzing results. Understanding how conversions work is an important step in determining your optimal conversion rate. What is conversion rate? This term is used to determine the result of the metrics applied on the actions of SEO and Inbound Marketing . Does ideal conversion rate exist? Conversion rates can be derived ... Read More »

Link Manager: All you need to organize and track your campaigns

Did you think of Links Shortener? No, that’s not all. You may have already seen sites like bit.ly, TinyURL or even t.co on Twitter. These are just some of the best known URL shorteners on the internet. URL shortening is a very recurring technique on the web, where the provider you choose reduces a link from a page.-Link Manager And, like I said, ... Read More »

SEO: how to quickly increase your organic traffic

Talking about SEO for startup is difficult, considering that many entrepreneurs do not even know about it because their focus is on getting an investor for your business. And it is precisely for this reason that entrepreneurs should pay more attention to developing a website with an agency that can bring organic results, because even if they already own the ... Read More »