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The 10 Secrets On How To Email Marketing

Knowing how to do email marketing plays a key role in  converting leads into customers  and building relationships with them.

But to have an  effective email marketing strategy  you need to be attentive to various details.

Anyone who wants to know how to do email marketing needs to keep in mind that nowadays a list of emails that have potential customers or have active clients of a company is a very valuable asset to be worked on.

Those companies that have a good list of emails and know how to do email marketing with this list properly, using strategies and good email marketing tips , are sure to get interesting results.

An important fact is that it is year after year, and many research on the trends of digital marketing point to email marketing as one of the 3 best tools used by the marketing managers of companies, that is, it is still something that, if well explored, generates results.

In this article I will show you the importance and top 10 email marketing tips to use in your business. So I hope you can explore this powerful tool and get the results you want and improve your organizational performance .

How To Do Email Marketing: 10 Killer Tips

Take advantage of our email marketing tips and see how this tool can bring great results to your business.

The Importance of Email Marketing

As I mentioned earlier in the article, email marketing is one of the tools most used by digital marketing managers because of its low cost and interesting return if well worked.

You just as I should receive a lot of emails every day. Right?

This shows that more and more companies vie for our attention on this channel, so it is extremely important to think about and plan strategically what the campaign will be like before you start running it.

We can cite as the main goals that companies seek to achieve with email marketing strategies:

  1. Generate additional traffic to your website.
  2. Generate conversion into sales of your products and / or services.
  3. Build relationship with your prospects and / or customers.
  4. Disclose relevant content to the target audience.

I believe you have realized there is no way to do email marketing without creating e-mail lists and working these lists in your company, so let’s go to 10 email marketing tips to succeed in your business!

Secret # 1: Have the permission of the contact to send emails (Opt-in)

The first secret is one of the most important to succeed is always working with an Opt-in, that is, contacts that really want to receive information about your you or your company.

Do not ever SPAM!

Besides being illegal, it is something that is more than proven that does not generate anything positive. The right thing is to build lists, capture emails, and for that there are many ways you can get valid email addresses.

Examples include:

  1. Site contact forms
  2. Registration fields in newsletter
  3. Landing pages
  4. Campaigns that encourage registration.

Email Marketing Tip: Offer something in return, such as a discount coupon, an e-book, a unique material to whom to provide your email!

Acquiring databases of proven quality and doubtful only causes your reputation to be compromised on the servers and decreases the chances of your next messages being delivered in the inbox of the users, going straight to the junk.

This is because these databases always have high error rates and return emails, with addresses that do not exist and also because the people who receive the message will most likely classify it as spam.

In a next article we will detail this step of how to do email marketing.

Do not buy mailing lists!

As tempting as it may seem to get a base with thousands of contacts and get distributing emails to the whole list, you should not do that.

This action is  considered SPAM , besides being unethical and inconvenient. The spammer company has its action doomed to failure.

Once users receive these emails, they will flag them as spam and the shipping platforms themselves will punish the company, reducing the amount of emails delivered and even  blocking their account , preventing them from making further shots.

Another important point to note is the negative buzz generated by users who feel uncomfortable with receiving these invasive emails, causing damage to the brand.

Secret # 2: Use good software to make submissions

Another point that plays an important role in the delivery of email marketing is the  sending tool  to be used to make the email shots of your email marketing campaign

Investing in a  known , reliable and quality e-mail marketing platform , in addition to ensuring a better delivery rate of emails, also reduces the possibility of problems with the platform.

The rules for receiving email from email servers change with some frequency, SPAM filters are increasingly powerful and that means that if you hire software that is not aware of these points your delivery rate may be poor.

In addition to being specialist companies that can guarantee a great delivery rate , you can enjoy features such as detailed reports, work on segmentation of contacts, and more.

I can safely recommend that using one of the softwares below for submissions, you will not have problems with that point.

All have free or trial plans that migrate to paid plans as their usage needs increase. And some of them, to other functionalities, such as marketing automation and even sales management assistance , as is the case with LAHAR. 

Secret # 3: Learn to work with personalized emails

Sometimes I find myself reading an email that at first seems to be from someone I know and when I finish reading the first few paragraphs I realize that it is an email marketing.

It’s easy to see that this happened because the email was personalized to me, it has a targeted personal language and is not text to a generic audience. The message is lighter, has a tone of conversation and makes me feel that the company wants to tell me just what I need to know.

In addition to the first and last name combination, you can use demographic, socioeconomic, and behavioral information to offer different types of content to different contact profiles on a segmented basis.

In addition to “customer-side” customization, there is also customization on the sender’s side, so that communication sounds more like “one-to-one” than “business to one” ). To do this, the constant name in the “Sender” field becomes that of a person from within the company responsible for that communication.

In addition, you can not do email marketing without  creating a corporate email, and do not use a generic, @gmail, or @ uol type, and the like.

Secret # 4: Set a title that manages conversion to email

Due to too much information we receive on a daily basis, it is getting harder and harder for us to get people’s attention.

We are naturally forced to do a filter on everything we receive, and it is usually the titles that are the basis for defining whether or not we are going to read certain email content.

That is why it is very important to think about the  subject of e-mails so that they attract the public’s attention.

Spend some time thinking about the title of the email that will fire. It should be a title that arouses the interest of your audience in opening your email , otherwise, even though the content is of extreme quality, it will not be viewed.

Here are some tips on how to make emails with good titles:

  1. Think of a persuasive title
  2. The title should be clear and concise, in order to stand out from all the other emails that the person may have received together
  3. If possible create a sense of urgency such as “Only today” or “Only the first 2 people”
  4. Test with different options until you find the ones that drive your company the most

Secret # 5: Make an email with relevant and interesting content

The best open rate results and click links in an email marketing are totally tied to the content.

If the content of the email you send is aligned with the interests of those who will receive it (target audience), chances of success are very high.

It’s that old question that if it’s something relevant and interesting, people will consume the information. At this point it is fundamental to be careful with the self promotion of your company or some product or service, so as not to lose the communication link with your client.

Studies show that many companies are using content marketing techniques to relate to their customers, and email marketing is thus a very important tool for such disclosure.

Produce educational content about your business that your target audience wants to consume and will surely succeed with that strategy.

When you send e-mails, you are communicating with people, and nothing better than to make that communication as personal and humanized as possible.

The  customization of e-mails  is a very important task and one of the main responsible for the success of submission.

Begin customizing your emails with the recipient’s name and the name of an employee of the sending company instead of just using your logo.

You can even increase your personalization according to the data obtained in the user’s registry by putting names or charge fields, for example.

Remember not to be the only evaluator of the quality of your content, share with others, receive criticism and suggestions about it.

Secret # 6: Take Care of Key Issues in Email Production

It will not do any good to follow all the email tips and secrets revealed in the previous items, if the production of the email does not obey some fundamental points.

Whether you are a technical person or not, these points need to be asked of your team or the company responsible for producing your email marketing pieces. Attention to all of them!

  1. Design is everything . Invest in a beautiful and visually appealing piece that will help with your opening rate
  2. Make visible the opt-out option , being ideal at the top and in the email footer
  3. Do not use CSS, Styles, DIVs and Javascripts, as most webmails and email clients have difficulty interpreting these elements. The ideal is to use pure HMTL and divide the proportion of text and image by 50% for each
  4. Do not use elements that signal that your email is a spam like:
    2. Title must be no longer than 50 characters
    3. Letters in light red
    4. Many exclamation points !!!!!!
    5. Avoid terms of low reputation in the title like: promotion, credit, unmissable, test, free, free, click here, consult us or free shipping
  5. Always enter a call-to-action . Remember that email marketing is the beginning of the path that the user should follow. I will better address this important item in the next secret!
  6. ALWAYS check if all the links are working. There is no worse thing than sending an email marketing that the link to where the user should go does not work
  7. Validate your email score to fall into spam filters. There are free websites that test for you like:
    • http://www.mail-tester.com/
    • http://spamcheck.postmarkapp.com/
    • http://isnotspam.com/
  8. Test the email in several email programs. The use of software to automate these tests such as Email on Acid and Litmus streamline and much the test work. Both are paid software!
  9. Avoid turning email marketing into a single image . Most e-mail services (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.)  automatically block all e-mail images until the user authorizes their viewing. In addition, with no textual content to indicate what the email is about, it is difficult for the user to authorize the display of the images.
  10. It is very important to understand how to make email marketing with the use of images, they make it  more attractive and visual , however it is important that these images are optimized and distributed between texts, so as not to hinder the effectiveness of the sending:
  • Add the ALT tag: these  are alternate texts that appear when, for whatever reason, the image can not be displayed in the email. These texts should briefly describe the content of the image.
  • Reduce image weight:  Too heavy images take too long to load, which may cause the user to stop viewing and delete the email. Because of this it is important to optimize them, reducing their weight to the maximum and maintaining the quality.

Secret # 7: Have a clear call to action (CTA)

It is very important to ask yourself some questions to plan the call to actions of your email very well. Questions like:

  • What do you want the user to do when they read the email you sent?
  • Do you want him to read more information on your site?
  • Do you want him to buy it?
  • Do you want him to fill out a form?
  • Do you want him to download a material?

Knowing how to do email marketing is just the beginning.

The way the user can follow varies greatly, so you should invite the person who reads the email to perform some conversion action, whether they visit your website or blog, visit a landing page, your Facebook page, your Twitter, or even to download some material.

Whatever you want it to do, make it clear and simple, make it obvious. Make sure the user does not need to think to act.

Secret # 8: Conduct proper audience segmentation and watch the frequency of submissions

What is best for your email marketing campaign?

Send to your entire contact list the same email, which will only interest a small part of the contacts or target your base to send the right content the right people ?

Poor targeting makes a message that would be ideal for one audience to be directed to another.

When we talk about segmentation, we also talk about the organization of the contact base. Storing different types of contact data will allow you to design strategies targeted at different audiences.

If you have  different personas  in your email base, segment your submissions, each according to the corresponding person, in order to ensure that the messages to be delivered are the most relevant and assertive for each audience.

There is only one way to do email marketing: with good targeting.

After all, a good segmentation of your contact base can be separated by areas of interest – content accessed or downloaded on your site, which indicates what kind of product or service it may be needing.

To facilitate this process, there are  marketing automation platforms , which are able to segment your submissions in an automated way, based on the interests and behaviors of the leads (e-mail openings, clicks, and conversions).

In this way, it is possible to deliver messages with the right offerings to the potential customer, greatly increasing the conversion rate.

Once you’ve targeted your contact base, it’s time to plan the frequencyand the best time to email. And this should be coordinated with all your sales planning .

When planning a submission or campaign, many marketers determine the date and frequency of submission, based on estimates or even on their own agendas.

To decide the best date and time for a newsletter submission, you need to know the target audience and perform tests.

If you’ve previously submitted submissions, try looking at the days and times of peak email access. If you do not, or even just want to confirm the data you already have, a tip is to divide your contact base into different groups and send each message to different days and times.

To determine the frequency of submissions, study the routine of updates to your site with new content, products, offers postings etc. and do the same test indicated for the period.

The most important thing is to have the perception if the frequency is not high enough to send a lot of emails to your contacts, this can irritate and generate descadastros.

Secret No 9: Make all content “scannable” and be sure to create the text-mode version of the email

If you have several topics and topics to promote, leave the calls well separated and organized and highlight the main points.

In the case of larger texts, keep only one introduction or summary with a link to the full content available on the site. This will ensure a leaner newsletter and allow you to discover, through clicks, what were the content that caught the attention.

Unlike many people who think they know how to do email marketing, text mode is still not dead. In fact, it can sometimes bring better results than the HTML newsletters.

If we consider that many people nowadays open emails through the cell phone, a text-mode piece can bring interesting returns to these people.

Secret No 10: Learn to carry out the measurement and analysis of the results of the shipments

Many professionals believe that email marketing actions speak for themselves: that the role of email marketing ends when the user views the message because at least it “provided brand recognition”.

In fact, there is no way to do email marketing without measuring results, it is not possible to know whether or not this brand recognition was positive or negative.

How do you know how many emails were viewed, which links were clicked and how many new visits to the site came from the email? Details such as the amount of emails delivered, openings, clicks, bounce rate, descadastros, times of interactions and clicked links are very important in understanding your results and planning the next uploads.

Measuring results means planning the next actions, checking what worked and what did not, what is well accepted, and what are the public’s best interests.

Email Marketing Tip: The more careful the analysis of the results, the more information it will be possible to identify about the behavior of the contact base and plan a next submission according to the expectations of the users.

  • EXTRA TIP:  You can not do email marketing without a  corporate email , generic emails, without the domain of your company included, do drop the opening rate too much.

Secret Bonus # 1: Before shooting, apply a basic checklist

Before making your shot, it is worth checking the main points again to avoid that any flaw has gone unnoticed. Do you agree? After all, how to do email marketing if you check everything before shipping?

To make your life easier, follow the questions below by answering them before you launch your email marketing shot :

  1. I already reviewed the text? It’s not cool to send typos.
  2. Have I already conducted reading tests on key webmails and email clients?
  3. Have I already checked that all links and images are working?
  4. Is my title good “killer” type?
  5. Have I evaluated the chances of my email falling as SPAM?
  6. Have I already inserted the call to action? Is it in a visible place?
  7. Have you already entered the opt-out link?
  8. Am I sending the right part to the right list?

Done all these checks, just schedule the shot and wait for the results!

Bonus Secret # 2: Take A / B Tests!

The  A / B Test  consists of the possibility of testing different versions of your e-mail marketing, in different submissions, for a small portion of your list, in order to identify which parts of each e-mail perform better.

After this process, it is important to  gather what each one has the best  and make the final shipment to the rest of the contact base. This is one of the main activities of conversion optimization .

So, did you like the article? Already know how to do email marketing step by step?

Share your opinion or question in the comments and do not forget to subscribe to our mailing list to receive new articles!

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