Email marketing: how to do for events?

email marketing

Do you work with business events? By the way, do you work with events in general? If you are an event producer and do not use email marketing in your digital marketing strategy you can be sure that something is wrong.When you add the email to your event disclosure forms the chances of your attendees list increase is huge.But sometimes you can get lost ... Read More »

Learn How To Make An Incredible Email Marketing

Email marketing

 Email marketing a great way to communicate to win new customers in any type of business. Which makes the combination of personalization, wide reach, low implementation cost, effectiveness and clear feedback. In  Digital Marketing  email is one of the key ways to create and nurture relationships with a base of contacts. Whether it’s promoting special content (ebooks, whitepapers, infographics), publicizing events or webinars, ... Read More »

What is the behavior of the current consumer?

Consumer behavior in the market is not fixed: it changes according to the time and social context. If we think of the public who buys products on the Internet, the habits are even more different. Therefore, if you intend to sell to the new consumer, regardless of the product offered, you need to know this profile better. Get to know ... Read More »

Link Manager: All you need to organize and track your campaigns

Did you think of Links Shortener? No, that’s not all. You may have already seen sites like, TinyURL or even on Twitter. These are just some of the best known URL shorteners on the internet. URL shortening is a very recurring technique on the web, where the provider you choose reduces a link from a page.-Link Manager And, like I said, ... Read More »

7 Digital Marketing Tips to Apply in Your Business

Digital Marketing- Does your brand appear in the top search results of your market segment online? In an increasingly connected world, having a well-built online presence is critical to stand out among your competitors and increase the visibility of your brand. Therefore, digital marketing is important for all types of business, whether they are online or not. But do you know how ... Read More »

How meta description improves results in SEO

Understand how the description of the contents of your pages can help the user to decide whether or not to click on your site.When a person searches for a book to buy, they want to have a “taste” of what the reading will be like. So she can read the synopsis, the preface, or the index of the book, before spending ... Read More »

How to use Audience Insights from Facebook?


Facebook- The number of digital entrepreneurs is increasing, not only in Brazil, but throughout the world. For this reason, the number of people offering products and services over the internet also increases. With ease of access and fast, democratic connections, digital business has become extremely affordable and, above all, profitable. And because this growth is exponential, it is also critical that entrepreneurs master ... Read More »

SEO: how to quickly increase your organic traffic

Talking about SEO for startup is difficult, considering that many entrepreneurs do not even know about it because their focus is on getting an investor for your business. And it is precisely for this reason that entrepreneurs should pay more attention to developing a website with an agency that can bring organic results, because even if they already own the ... Read More »

4 digital marketing tools that every affiliate should use

It is a fact that every affiliate who wants success needs a website or blog, however, their results will be the same if they do not know how to use Digital Marketing techniques . The point is that today many tools are available to make online work more professional, but do you know these tools and know all the potential they have? You do ... Read More »