Do you know affiliate marketing? It can make your online business take off!

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most advantageous ways to advertise products and services on the internet. Through it, merchants and content producers can partner and work together to advertise and sell products online. The partnership between marketers and content producers is through an ad and commission policy where producers receive a percentage of the sales value , the amount of leads generated, or even the clicks redirected to ... Read More »

How to Increase Facebook Sales with Ads

Every entrepreneur who starts using social media in designing their products and services, time and time again, has the same question: How to increase sales through Facebook by creating effective ads? Many think that just create posts and put the photos of the products to automatically generate sales. Digital presence is important, yet it alone is not enough to make your ... Read More »

Facebook Ads For Affiliates Does It Work?

The answer is yes, it works very well! I come from a school that privileges paid traffic instead of organic, so Facebook Ads for affiliates would be one of the best options to bomb your communication and improve your affiliate program result . A strategy that yielded 1800 leads in 24 hours A proof of how Facebook Ads can work very well for affiliates ... Read More »

What is Affiliate and How It Can Help Your Company


Recently, I spoke here at Digital Ignition about the potential of affiliate programs, and how affiliate marketing strategies can make your business profit even more . But after all, what is an affiliate? How can it help your business grow on the internet? What is Affiliate? When it comes to affiliate marketing and affiliate program, there are two ways to make money: The first is advertising your product ... Read More »

How to be affiliated and make money on the internet even without having any product

There are numerous ways to make money on the internet and leverage your business. One is entering the affiliate market , which in the last year grew 20%. Although this type of relationship is very profitable many people do not know how to be affiliated and succeed by selling the products of other people. The affiliates are typically producers of content they publish their texts on websites and ... Read More »

Understand What Marketing Affiliation Means

One of the fastest and most promising ways to advertise your offers is through affiliates. However, many entrepreneurs still do not understand what marketing affiliation means and they miss out on great opportunities to generate new sales and increase their business revenue through this strategy. The affiliate programs marketing have a relatively simple operation: the entrepreneurial firm contract with a number of publishers ... Read More »

Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

If you are a content producer, have a blog or even a company, you must have heard about affiliate marketing. But if you do not know the term, I’ll explain: in short, it’s a type of online advertising where content producers advertise the products and services of a brand for a certain price that can be charged for clicks, sales, stock ... Read More »

3 Winning Strategies for Forex Trading


In the previous posts we have given some tips for you to learn how to choose killer strategies to operate Forex and important actions to develop if your goal is to become a successful trader . Now let’s discuss some winning strategies to successfully trade Forex and move towards your financial freedom. These tactics are constantly being used for greater profit, observing patterns of behavior of ... Read More »

How to Make Money with Ebook? 1 Complete Guide from Creation, Registration and Monetization


Do you want to  make money with ebook?  Or are you planning to write one to tell your life story, or to publicize your work? Ebooks are one of the most commonly used methods to make money on the internet because the distribution possibilities are endless and anyone can do. Maybe you’ve heard or researched about ebooks, but it’s worth highlighting again. The North American ... Read More »

Find out how to do Youtube Marketing and get good results!


The marketing videos is growing every day.More and more companies are betting on audiovisual content as part of their strategy and YouTube is the right choice for the vast majority of marketing teams. But how do Youtube marketing work for your business? It is a valuable and elaborate tool that can help various marketing strategies reach new audiences, create more relevant content, and help ... Read More »