How to Win Followers on Instagram With Videos


How to gain followers on Instagram is a knowledge that can leverage your digital business. Why? Simply because this photo app has won more followers in the step year and overtook Twitter! American mark the third largest presence in the world in this social network. But it is not only by the surprising amount of followers. Because they are images, posts on this page get ... Read More »

Learn How to Make Money on Instagram with the Right Strategies


The digital world changes so fast that any new social network, however promising, needs to be viewed with caution. But they have also become a great potential for profit for people. Therefore, knowing how to make money in instagram is crucial to stand out in the market. So if you also want to increase your profits without making mistakes, check out these ... Read More »

Discover Your Ideal Conversion Rate

Ideal Conversion

When working with digital marketing, we often need to identify metrics and ways of analyzing results. Understanding how conversions work is an important step in determining your optimal conversion rate. What is conversion rate? This term is used to determine the result of the metrics applied on the actions of SEO and Inbound Marketing . Does ideal conversion rate exist? Conversion rates can be derived ... Read More »

Customer Acquisition, Digital Marketing and Sales

Digital Marketing

An entrepreneur who wants to grow his business needs to win new customers frequently, and to succeed in this mission, he needs to be aware of factors such as cost of customer acquisition, relationship marketing, and conversion rates to assess whether sales are sufficient for the sustainability of your business. The more tools the entrepreneur has to leverage their sales, the more optimized tends ... Read More »

How to Increase Sales in the Crisis Using Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

The economic crisis hurts many entrepreneurs and, in many cases, the business stops growing. But did you know that it is possible to increase sales in the crisis and to go through this moment to mitigate the negative effects of the situation? Knowing how to do this is critical to not letting the company be hampered by an adverse economic situation. So ... Read More »

How to Sell More Using a Queue?

How to Sell

Do you have a business and when you see a queue at the door are you afraid that people will give up buying or attending because they think the waiting time will end up scaring customers? Know that thinking like this can take you away from a very powerful tool to increase your sales. A queue is able to attract ... Read More »

Why Should You Create an Email List? Learn about One Time For All

Email List

In the last few days, several of the interviews and testimonials posted on this site showed that creating email lists was key for entrepreneurs to multiply their profits. If the email list is a money-making machine, as many people say, why do so many people have lists that do not generate anything? This is because they do not understand simple and ... Read More »

How to Send Email Marketing and Get Return?

Email Marketing

Email has become essential and essential for our day to day life. During work, we opened the inbox dozens of times, not counting the use of our personal email. There is a thin and fragile line between email marketing and SPAM. So today you will learn how to send email marketing avoiding SPAM and consequently get return for your business. How to send ... Read More »

Efficient Email Marketing: 3 Basics to Improve Your Titles

Email Marketing

Contrary to what many people think, email marketing remains a powerful marketing tool. But to make an effective email marketing, you need to pay attention to all the elements – including the title. But how do you make a really captivating title, that makes the public want to open and read your email until the end? Keep reading this article and ... Read More »

3 Tips for Sending Sales E-mail to Customers and Being Assertive

email marketing

Sending sales email to customers is an action that demands thoughtful and planned strategies. Selling, in any field, is already a challenging task. Doing this online demands that you go straight to the point, without any firmness. The content in the email that will be forwarded will depend, first and foremost, on the final goal. the biggest challenge is to create a text ... Read More »