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Customer Acquisition, Digital Marketing and Sales

Digital Marketing

An entrepreneur who wants to grow his business needs to win new customers frequently, and to succeed in this mission, he needs to be aware of factors such as cost of customer acquisition, relationship marketing, and conversion rates to assess whether sales are sufficient for the sustainability of your business. The more tools the entrepreneur has to leverage their sales, the more optimized tends ... Read More »

How to Increase Sales in the Crisis Using Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

The economic crisis hurts many entrepreneurs and, in many cases, the business stops growing. But did you know that it is possible to increase sales in the crisis and to go through this moment to mitigate the negative effects of the situation? Knowing how to do this is critical to not letting the company be hampered by an adverse economic situation. So ... Read More »

Find out how to do Youtube Marketing and get good results!


The marketing videos is growing every day.More and more companies are betting on audiovisual content as part of their strategy and YouTube is the right choice for the vast majority of marketing teams. But how do Youtube marketing work for your business? It is a valuable and elaborate tool that can help various marketing strategies reach new audiences, create more relevant content, and help ... Read More »

What is the behavior of the current consumer?

Consumer behavior in the market is not fixed: it changes according to the time and social context. If we think of the public who buys products on the Internet, the habits are even more different. Therefore, if you intend to sell to the new consumer, regardless of the product offered, you need to know this profile better. Get to know ... Read More »

Link Manager: All you need to organize and track your campaigns

Did you think of Links Shortener? No, that’s not all. You may have already seen sites like bit.ly, TinyURL or even t.co on Twitter. These are just some of the best known URL shorteners on the internet. URL shortening is a very recurring technique on the web, where the provider you choose reduces a link from a page.-Link Manager And, like I said, ... Read More »

7 Digital Marketing Tips to Apply in Your Business

Digital Marketing- Does your brand appear in the top search results of your market segment online? In an increasingly connected world, having a well-built online presence is critical to stand out among your competitors and increase the visibility of your brand. Therefore, digital marketing is important for all types of business, whether they are online or not. But do you know how ... Read More »

How meta description improves results in SEO

Understand how the description of the contents of your pages can help the user to decide whether or not to click on your site.When a person searches for a book to buy, they want to have a “taste” of what the reading will be like. So she can read the synopsis, the preface, or the index of the book, before spending ... Read More »

How to use Audience Insights from Facebook?


Facebook- The number of digital entrepreneurs is increasing, not only in Brazil, but throughout the world. For this reason, the number of people offering products and services over the internet also increases. With ease of access and fast, democratic connections, digital business has become extremely affordable and, above all, profitable. And because this growth is exponential, it is also critical that entrepreneurs master ... Read More »

4 digital marketing tools that every affiliate should use

It is a fact that every affiliate who wants success needs a website or blog, however, their results will be the same if they do not know how to use Digital Marketing techniques . The point is that today many tools are available to make online work more professional, but do you know these tools and know all the potential they have? You do ... Read More »

7 Tips On How To Make A Successful Sales Site

Sales Site

Want to create a successful sales site ? Here’s how to do it with our 7 unbeatable tips. Are you planning to set up your sales site and do not know exactly how it works? How do you succeed? To maximize sales? Disclosure? There are several factors to consider when creating a sales site. The internet has become a profitable and competitive market at the same time. Becoming a ... Read More »