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How to Sell More Using a Queue?

Do you have a business and when you see a queue at the door are you afraid that people will give up buying or attending because they think the waiting time will end up scaring customers?

Know that thinking like this can take you away from a very powerful tool to increase your sales.

A queue is able to attract even more customers to your business. And I’ll sell you more.using this technique.

And, cool, if you have an online business do not go away, this post is for you, too. Here you will discover how the queues are represented on the sites and why they are important in the digital environment.

How can a large queue increase sales?

The act of selling means making an offer, a proposal to someone in order to make a decision.

The sale is not always a product or a service. You can sell an idea, for example, but the point of the sale is to convince someone to take action.

And to generate this conviction there are some ingredients that you can add to your business that will increase sales.

Today there are thousands of products, services and choices that we have to make in the day to day.

Forget for a minute that you are an entrepreneur and think only of your life as a consumer.

Probably every day you have to choose: products from several options in the supermarket, a restaurant among thousands to eat, what you will wear, how you will cut hair …

These only a few day-to-day decisions aside all the others you have to do.

If you had to analyze everything that one should take into consideration when making a decision, all the pros and cons, phew! it would take a lot of energy.

Now think about your life as an entrepreneur. What can you do to help your client or prospect make a decision without having to spend all that energy and have all that work?

Well, one of the actions may be to add the ingredient of social proof in your business.

Social proof can be an indicator of success of a product or service based on the number of people who use it.

As well?

big line is an example of social proof.Many entrepreneurs run away from it thinking they are going to drive customers away by waiting time or turmoil.

But stop to think. If too many people want to buy something or go somewhere it may mean that it is very good, right?

A classic example of this is the release of iPhones.

The iPhone is not a cheap product and even so on launch days, around the world, queues get gigantic to buy. Many people wanting to buy an iPhone is a social proof for Apple.

In the case of iPhone, the product delivers what it promises. But does it mean, obligatorily, that if a business has a large queue it will always be very good?

No, not always.

Some nightclubs, for example, use the device of holding many people outside to give the impression to those arriving that are too full, “bombing”, and when people enter the truth there is no one.

Another example of social proof that you may not see for yourself as quality of a product or service is when you are traveling and find a restaurant with a huge queue.

You might even think it’s great, but it may be that it’s the only restaurant in the area and so it’s so full.

So how can you apply social proof in your business so that it will ensure that your product or service is indeed very good ?

You can associate the ingredient of social proof with that of proof.

But it is not the same?

Do not.

Social proof is one thing, proof is another.

I explain.

The social proof as you have seen is the number of people who are using a product or service and the proof is when they count, claim that such a product or service is good.

And when you have plenty of evidence, that is, many people stating your product or service, you also have social proof by the volume of indications.

How to sell online benefiting from the ranks

If you have a business on the internet you must be wondering: how to use social proof in my online business if in the virtual environment no one can see a queue of people buying my products? How to sell online benefiting from the ranks?

Well, if you have an online business I imagine you have a Facebook page, a blog, an Instagram profile, Twitter, or a YouTube channel.

On these platforms, the number of subscribers, the number of views, the number of likes and the number of comments are all examples of social proof.

If a person has, for example, 100,000 subscribers on a YouTube channel, something good should be passing the audience, right?

And, as I said up there, if you have too much evidence you also have social proof.

How to orchestrate this in the digital environment?

If you record many testimonials from people who used your products speaking as they helped them and post to your site, this is not only a test that your product works, it is also social proof, for being a lot.

Selling on the internet: how to queue on your site?

Well, right now I’m talking in a row in the figurative sense. But what I want here is to instigate you to think how to increase the number of people who use your product or service, in other words, how to increase the number of sales of your online business.

Social proof is one of the mental triggers that can help with this mission. And the proof is another one of them.

But they are not the only ways to help you sell on the internet.

There are several other various mental triggers that help in the purchasing decision process , which increase the likelihood of your client and prospect to say yes to what you are offering.

The more you associate them with your marketing messages the more chance you will increase your profits.

If you want to learn other mental triggers and learn how they help increase your online sales, sign up now at the 7th Free Online Launch Formula Workshop. In this link you will be able to see in practice how to orchestrate the social proof and the proof together in the 50 Cases section of the Launching Formula.

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