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How To Make E-Mail Marketing Without Secrets

Knowing how to do email marketing plays a key role in converting leads into customers and building relationships with them.

But to have an effective email marketing strategy you need to be attentive to various details.

Check below, some tips on how to do email marketing, and consequently get better results.

7 TOP Strategies for How to Make Email Marketing

1 – Do not buy mailing lists

As tempting as it may seem to get a base with thousands of contacts and get distributing emails to the whole list, you should not do that.

This action is considered SPAM , besides being unethical and inconvenient. The spammer company has its action doomed to failure.

Once users receive these emails, they will flag them as spam and the shipping platforms themselves will punish the company, reducing the amount of emails delivered and even blocking their account , preventing them from making further shots.

Another important point to note is the negative buzz generated by users who feel uncomfortable with receiving these invasive emails, causing damage to the brand.

2 – Segment your shipments

If you have different personas in your email base, segment your submissions, each according to the corresponding person, in order to ensure that the messages to be delivered are the most relevant and assertive for each audience.

Without targeting you can not do quality email marketing.

To facilitate this process, there are marketing automation platforms , which are able to segment your submissions in an automated way, based on the interests and behaviors of the leads (e-mail openings, clicks, and conversions).

3 – Be personal

When you send e-mails, you are communicating with people, and nothing better than to make that communication as personal and humanized as possible.

The customization of e-mails is a very important task and one of the main responsible for the success of submission.

Begin customizing your emails with the recipient’s name and the name of an employee of the sending company instead of just using your logo.

You can even increase your personalization according to the data obtained in the user’s registry by putting names or charge fields, for example.

Also, it is very important to think about the subjects of the emails , so that they attract the attention of the public.

4 – Optimize the images of your email

First, avoid turning email marketing into a single image . Most e-mail services (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) automatically block all e-mail imagesuntil the user authorizes their viewing.

In addition, with no textual content to indicate what the email is about, it is difficult for the user to authorize the display of the images.

It is very important to understand how to do email marketing with the use of images, they make it more attractive and visual , however it is important that these images are optimized and distributed between texts, so as not to hinder the effectiveness of the sending.

  • Add the ALT tag: these are alternate texts that appear when, for whatever reason, the image can not be displayed in the email. These texts should briefly describe the content of the image.
  • Reduce image weight:  Too heavy images take too long to load, which may cause the user to stop viewing and delete the email. Because of this it is important to optimize them, reducing their weight to the maximum and maintaining the quality.

5 – Take the A / B Test

The A / B Test consists of the possibility of testing different versions of your e-mail marketing, in different submissions, for a small portion of your list, in order to identify which parts of each e-mail perform better.

After this process, it is important to  gather what each one has the best and make the final shipment to the rest of the contact base.

6 – Invest in a professional and reliable platform

Another point that has an important role in the delivery of email marketing is the sending tool to be used to make the shots of the emails.

Investing in a known , reliable and quality e-mail marketing platform , in addition to ensuring a better delivery rate of emails, also reduces the possibility of problems with the platform.

7 – Analyze the performance of previous shipments

Track closely the results of your email marketing actions. You must analyze each submission individually to understand what is working or not.

Details such as the amount of emails delivered, openings, clicks, bounce rate, descadastros, times of interactions and clicked links are very important in understanding your results and planning the next uploads.

  • EXTRA TIP: You can not do email marketing without a corporate email , generic emails, without the domain of your company included, do drop the opening rate too much.

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