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How to increase my email marketing opening rate

Email marketing is critical to your company’s success on the internet. The effectiveness of this tool is so great that the world’s top marketing experts use it.

But it’s not enough just to embrace it in your business, you have to be able to really make it work by increasing your rate of opening email marketing and clicks on your content.

One of the most basic tips is to use a corporate email , for example. But there are many others.

Your emails, at a minimum, need to be opened and clicked. Without these simple actions on the part of the recipients, the communication will be interrupted and all the action will go down the drain.

Also, depending on how often your emails are not opened , they can be labeled as spam , which is a bad thing for your brand.

Can you see how bad this is? Well … That’s why you need to know exactly how to increase the openness of email marketing and clicks.

Keep reading and check out the tips to make yourself beautiful in your next email campaign!

4 foolproof tactics to increase the openness of email marketing and clicks

The first step is to choose an excellent email marketing tool , such as MailChimp or Xmails , for example.

Then follow our tips:

#1. Write a Matter Matter

The opening rate of email marketing is nothing more than the percentage of recipients who opened the email. It shapes the language of communication, allowing you to identify when the title is not attractive or when sending practices are out of context.

Writing an email marketing subject that piquees interest, while fundamental, is not always easy.

The obstacle is always the same: create a flashy title to the point of not being ignored. This is only possible with the knowledge due to the public and persuasive writing techniques.

We have a complete article on the subject.

#2. Adapt the message to mobile view

The mobile market has developed considerably in recent years. And with the hectic everyday, many people read emails through mobile devices.

That’s why it’s very important that you develop the layout of the email message in a way that makes reading enjoyable on smartphones, thereby increasing the rate of opening email marketing.

This will encourage the interaction of users who are not on the computer at the time of opening the email and will increase their chances of engaging you with the email message.

# 3. Capriche in Call to Action

The email open rate will not be influenced by Call to Action , but the one of clicks, yes.

clicks has to do with the percentage of the audience that interacted with the proposed action in their strategy. To find out if they’re good, you need to notice how many people are clicking on the link you send via email marketing , either to consume some content or visit your sales page, for example.

Calls to Action are buttons or impact phrases that direct the reader to a specific action.

This well-applied element is essential to direct the client to the action proposed in the email. Verbs imperative to demand action, words that refer to urgency and phrases that indicate scarcity usually work very well in that context.

# 4. Adopt the use of “PS” in email marketing

The “PS”, an acronym for post-scriptum (“written after”), can work miracles in an email marketing message. This note is usually written after the e-mail message to highlight something that complements what has already been addressed. It is also generally used to highlight something important that did not give to get into the message. Depending on the “PS” you include in the email, your click rate will rise with a rocket. Let’s close with an example:

PS: Ideally, you apply all these tactics to your email simultaneously. Do not bet on a thing in isolation, but with all the resources available to generate more results in your business

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