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How to Increase Facebook Sales with Ads

Every entrepreneur who starts using social media in designing their products and services, time and time again, has the same question: How to increase sales through Facebook by creating effective ads?

Many think that just create posts and put the photos of the products to automatically generate sales. Digital presence is important, yet it alone is not enough to make your target audience buy more. One needs to study very well the working mechanisms of Facebook to use it as a way to increase sales.

Study the target audience

The first step to increase sales through Facebook is to study who is present in this social network. You can start by evaluating who your Fanpage fans are. These people are already interested in your content and are willing to receive the news of your business.

Use the Facebook Insights tool to find out who your audience is. It provides valuable insights into the demographic profile, location, and habits of people who enjoy your page, allowing you to tailor your ad campaigns more effectively.

Advertise content to increase sales through Facebook

The Facebook Ads show your ad during the timeline of people who match your target audience, but do not necessarily likes your page or know your site. That’s why it’s important that you do not limit your ads to advertising your offers, but also advertise content.

This strategy is important, as rarely people who do not know your brand will buy something right away. You have to earn them by generating value. By providing free and useful content to your followers, you increase the likelihood that he will short your page and share the information spontaneously.

Enjoy the best times to post

A very cool insight that Facebook makes available to those who have a Fanpage of your business is the list with the times that most people are connected, allowing you to think of strategies to get your message seen by more people.

The best way to do this is by posting your posts at strategic times, where the search for content on Facebook intensifies. You can plan both times and days of increased circulation of users in your fanpage to show more effective ads.

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