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How to Have Many Followers on Instagram?

Did you know that your target audience may be on Instagram? Yes! The social network of image sharing has also proved to be excellent for several types of business. So, if your company does not already have an account on the network, try to create it and find out, here with me, how to have many followers on Instagram.

If you have questions about how to make a successful Instagram for your brand , browse more here in Digital Ignition, as we have several important tips for you. But if you already have an account, let’s get right to the point, so you can get a lot more followers and, as a result, win more customers as well.

Only use quality images

This is the starting point of how to have many followers on Instagram, even because this is a social network totally dedicated to photos. Therefore, in essence, people who have a profile on Instagram are admirers of good images , which are beautiful, colorful – preferably with blue tones -, with a lot of light, focusing on human faces and, above all, with quality, or high resolution images.

Make posts consistently

This is a tip that I particularly point out for Instagram, Facebook , Youtube and even all those who wish to have a successful blog . This is because, for those who do not yet know, consistency means how often you do something and it is one of the two words that most generate audience . Then, define how many posts you will make each week, for example, and try to always keep that number, so that your audience regularly sees you on the timeline or between the hashtags.

Publish at the right time

This is widely used on Facebook, but since Instagram does not provide this kind of statistic inside the application, people do not care much about the optimal time to perform the posts. However, this is essential to get better engagement from users and even to be seen more. So the tip I get is to use alternative sites like Simply Measured that can show the times when posts in your account had the most results and interactions.

Seek meaningful partnerships for your business

I have already talked about videos on Youtube, how to find strategic partnerships on Instagram and I come here to reinforce this tactic, because it is incredibly good. But attention in, it does not advance to make any partnership, aiming at the practicality and the increase of the number of the followers. In this tip, it is important that you seek the partnerships that are within your segment and that can be meanings for your business. Thus, in addition to gaining followers on Instagram, you gain also engagement .

Monitor the hashtags in your segment

Another very useful way of having a lot of followers on Instagram is to use the hashtags in your posts and, as a complement to this, do a constant monitoring of the hashtags that are linked to your business. That way, you will be able to insert your brand in the affairs of the moment, it will be more seen and, consequently, you will be able to increase your followers in an organic way .

Interact with users

Finally, my recommendation is that you interact with Instagram users, not only those who follow your brand, but also those who are your person . So, take pictures that are linked to your segment and, better yet, make contests, sweepstakes and promotions with your products or services, creating rules that limit participation only to those who follow your company’s account. This is a great strategy, worth experiencing, but no exaggeration!

And then? Liked the tips on how to have many followers on Instagram? Well, know that you can also advertise on this social network and still gain followers on Instagram with videos ! To learn more about the business possibilities that the network offers, continue with Digital Ignition and subscribe to our newsletter at the end of this page. To the next!

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