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How Domain Registration Works

Domain concept

Domains or Internet addresses are names used to identify computers, servers and websites accessed via the web, they contain in the end notations known as top domain (.us, .fr, .jp, .net, .com,. gov, .org, etc.) or top-level domain (.com.us, .gov.us, .org.us, .co.uk, .co.jp, etc.), depending on the type of content and the host country, to understand more about domain notations we recommend the first two items in the References list at the end of this post.

Registration process

The registration of a domain is always done in the name of a responsible entity (person, company or organization) that will be the owner (or owner) of that domain, in Brazil specifically need a CPF or CNPJ.

For both Brazilian and international domains, for administration, management and technical support of the domain there are levels of access permission, here in Brazil there are 04 levels that can be assigned to third parties (person or company):

  • c-owner: is the entity with permission for any change, except domain ownership, to change the ownership of a domain, the process is called “transfer” and is done via document registered in a notary.
  • c-admin: responsible for the administration of the domain, can change several items, except ownership and the entity selected as “c-holder”.
  • c-technician: responsible only for technical changes in the domain, such as notes and DNS records, does not allow changing the entities selected in the permission levels.
  • c-collection: responsible for the renewal (payment) of the domain annuity and also does not allow to change the entities selected in the permission levels.

To verify information above a Brazilian domain including the owner of a domain, fill in the domain and click on the Query button, the table below will have information about the domain , if it is registered, for whom it is registered and the expiration date, if the domain is free the site itself already offers the option of registration.

To consult an international domain and register it, we recommend the GoDaddy service . Simply access the website and use the “SEARCH DOMAIN” search bar at the top of the page, when the domain is already registered the service gives suggestions with other options (.NET, .CO etc.), or sometimes the way to acquire that address of who has already registered it.

It is common to use the entity of IT providers (providers, webdesigners , IT support companies, etc.) in the configuration of domains, but the owner must always be correctly identified. This happens because any intervention is done directly in the Registro.BR and requires a lot of technical knowledge, in addition to that the registration of the domain is usually done by people or companies with a minimum knowledge of internet, but it is worth remembering: it is important that the holder is correctly identified, to avoid legal and property issues.

HF, with the focus of being the central contact in IT of its clients, guides, assists and carries out the process of entity migration, ownership and registration of domains, with the security and knowledge necessary for the best execution.

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