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Facebook Ads For Affiliates Does It Work?

The answer is yes, it works very well! I come from a school that privileges paid traffic instead of organic, so Facebook Ads for affiliates would be one of the best options to bomb your communication and improve your affiliate program result .

A strategy that yielded 1800 leads in 24 hours

A proof of how Facebook Ads can work very well for affiliates is a very simple strategy that my brother Hugo created and I will share with you.

Until then we used ultra-segmentation in our ads, for example, advertising to our fans, then to our fans who watched over 50% of our videos. In addition we used the tool Look a Like, that looked for people similar to the public of this ultra segmentation. But over time our ads got saturated, and what was Hugo’s exit?

There is a theory that Facebook searches your ads for people similar to those who have historically converted your page. Soon my brother made three campaigns, two for ultra-segmented publics and one excluding this public, encompassing the whole of Brazil. Obviously Facebook does not show the ad to all Brazilians, instead it looks for people similar to those who convert to its page, and this Facebook Ads affiliate strategy yielded 1800 leads in 24 hours. Incredible, is not it?

Cris Franklin and his thousands of leads

Want another extremely concrete proof of how Facebook Ads for affiliates works? The Cris Franklin generated thousands of leads for Launch Formula using strategies that social network.

In all, in just one campaign managed by Cris, more than 20 thousand leads were generated, with 50% of that number coming through Facebook. Incredible, is not it? She even joked that she would never use Google Adwords again. But the question is, how to be effective with Facebook Ads, check out a few tips to follow.

How To Be Effective With Facebook Ads For Affiliates

First you need to understand how monetization of affiliate marketing works. The first point is the disclosure, ie you can sell your product or service, for example a course, through the affiliate program.

Or you can become an affiliate, that is, open a space on your website or blog so that the program makes announcements to your audience by publicizing the products and services offered by the program.

So what’s the basic premise for you to be effective? Attract the right people! So start with a detailed study of your audience, understand who the people are, their habits and customs, so advertising will be easier.

Then choose the best types of ads for you. Through Facebook Ads you can make campaigns for leads, tanned pages, boost content, etc. Analyze each one of them and see which one has more adherence to your audience.

The final tip is to increase your page with quality content, so you can generate value and attract more people than ads, you know?

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