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Email marketing: how to do for events?

Do you work with business events? By the way, do you work with events in general? If you are an event producer and do not use email marketing in your digital marketing strategy you can be sure that something is wrong.When you add the email to your event disclosure forms the chances of your attendees list increase is huge.But sometimes you can get lost in creating an email, or even feel that it’s always the same.Thinking about it, we decided to create an article teaching you how to do email marketing for events.

So let’s go?

What is email marketing?

First, let’s contextualize what is email marketing. Email marketing is when you use email as a form of marketing strategy.

Typically allied to email marketing you use email marketing automation software.

With this combination you can follow up on your leads, nurture them, measure your results and make contact lists.

Cool, huh?

We have an amazing post on how to do email marketing here!

How to do email marketing for events?

So now you already know what email marketing is, but how do you apply it to your events?

I’ll show you this now with some tips!

Come on!

Send several emails!

It may seem like I’m getting you to spam the inbox of your leads, but that’s not it.

When I say that you should send multiple emails, you must share your event information in multiple emails, and be nurturing your leads.

People usually respond to information better when they are divided into multiple emails.

And this practice offers an advantage for you as well, since most likely you will receive new information until the event arrives.

For example, new confirmed speakers, new sponsors, discounts, and so on!

Create a list for your event!

The sooner you put an e-mail capture form on the home page of your event the better.

It will be easier for people to sign up to receive news of your event and you can also get a good idea of ​​how many participants will attend your event!

So if you are reading this article because you are organizing an event and have not yet set up an email capture form, run!

Know the right time to send your emails!

Yes, I said above that you should send several emails, but definitely you should have common sense.

It’s no use sending you multiple emails for a week, and there are still months left for your event.

Just as it will not be effective at all, you send in very few emails near the date.

That is, have discernment.

Sergio Alcardi, from the  Search Engine Journal , made a list of more or less how many emails to send according to the amount of time that is missing for your event:

  • 3-4 + months for the event : 0-1 email every two weeks.
  • 2 months to the event : 1-2 emails every two weeks (depends on how much new information you have).
  • 1 month for the event : 1 email per week as soon as new information appears.
  • 1 week for the event:  If some very valuable information comes up or you want to remind participants of something important, email them the last week before the event.

Be personal!

This is a common practice for those who work with email marketing and it does not stop being different when we do it for events.

You must be personal, human, not a little robot.

The most appropriate for this is to send emails from a personal account and not your company name.

This makes the recipient of your email feel more familiar and the chances of your content being read and getting answers is much greater.

The email language should also be as personal as possible.

Try to take the conversation as if it were a friend calling for an event, not a company trying to monetize the reader.

Show your speakers, sponsors and guests!

Do not fall for this just to create a Facebook event banner with the name of the speaker or guest and drop them.

Add value to those you are paying to attract people.

The ideal here is you sell the picture of them!

Be creative, do interviews , write blog posts about them, and trigger their social media.

A great option here is to create interactive videos showing who your guests are and make the audience enjoy and want to be close to them!

Protect your list!

Virtually every event ends up earning money, if not directly, indirectly. Whether by selling tickets or acquiring leads that went to events, most of the time we can say that your event was monetized.

And this is incredible to the eyes of potential sponsors.

But beware, do not share your mailing list with anyone, even with those who were part of the organization of the event.

It could be that you miss many participants because they started getting emails from people they did not want just because you shared your data!

Innovate in the types of emails!

There are numerous types of emails that you can send to your base of leads, and innovation is essential for you not to tire them.

I will list here the main ones that you can use to win participants to your events:

  • Testimonials: In this part you can show testimonials of people who have participated in some edition of the event or some other organized by your company. This helps those who are going for the first time to create some confidence and intimacy!
  • Promotions: One of the contents that you can send to your base of leads are promotions (tickets, raffles …). This helps increase both the name of the event and the sponsors as well as the number of participants.
  • Incentives: Another way to increase the number of participants is through incentives, be they discounts for those who subscribe to your newsletter or tickets to VIP areas of the event.

Do not forget the participants!

Even after your event passes you can not forget your base of leads!

Ideally, after your event you send an email with nostalgic content that will make people anxious for an upcoming issue!

But what types of content?

  • Event Videos
  • Shared images on social networks
  • Thanks from the organizers
  • Official photos of the event

You can be very creative in sending the email post event, just do not forget to send it!

Did you see? It is not so difficult to do email marketing for events, but it is important to be aware of the above tips, after all you want your event to be a success, right?

And more people want to go in the next editions!

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