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Discover Your Ideal Conversion Rate

When working with digital marketing, we often need to identify metrics and ways of analyzing results. Understanding how conversions work is an important step in determining your optimal conversion rate.

What is conversion rate?

This term is used to determine the result of the metrics applied on the actions of SEO and Inbound Marketing .

Does ideal conversion rate exist?

Conversion rates can be derived from different media, understanding how each of them acts on your site is the best way to find the ideal conversion rate. See below the types:

Direct traffic


Direct traffic is one of the ways to convert leads to the ultimate goal. In this case, you take into account the people who access your site through the url, that is, they already know your address and are not mediated by any search engine, such as Google.

Organic Visits

Contrary to the above, organic visits are all coming from search engines. Most metrics use Google as a reference search engine. He is preferred by the online community and also responsible for essential tools such as Analytics and Adwords .


The ads are called the display network, where advertisers pay to appear among the first Google results. However, in a separate area for ads at the top of the searches. Despite the good placement, this method is not the most recommended, as it does not pass confidence to the user.

In addition, the number of conversions is proportional to the money invested and therefore requires more money for actions.

After all, what is the ideal conversion rate?

The truth is that there is no way to determine which conversion rate is right for your site. The best way is to always analyze which actions generate the most result. Keep a friendly SEO structure and consistent and consistent planning, the results will gradually appear.

After a few months you will already be able to compare the strategies and find out the best conversion rate for your project.

The key tip is to not forget to invest in different ways, because in this way you can enjoy the conversions of several channels.

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