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CPA Marketing: How to Make Money on the Internet Without Selling Anything

I do not know if you know how the work of a professional affiliate on the internet works.

Theoretically it is very simple: simply affiliate to a physical or digital product and start to spread it on the internet. If you buy this product through your affiliate link, you will receive a commission per sale made.

The affiliate market has grown significantly in recent years, with at least 20,000 new digital entrepreneurs emerging each month according to data from the Affiliate Marketing Institute.

Special highlight for the infoproducts market, which is a true growth phenomenon in over the world . Featuring great digital marketing launches and an incredible range of products that come up weekly, it also has incredible platforms that offer countless possibilities.

Within the digital market, there is also a trend that should gain more and more strength: the CPA market – which generates astronomical results in the United States and has a huge potential for growth in Brazil in the coming years.


CPA Marketing: Trend of growth for the next years in Brazil (Image: Pixabay)


In this article you will learn exactly what CPA Marketing is and how it works , with information also on how to start your own project within that market.

What is CPA Marketing?

CPA is an acronym in English meaning Cost Per Action – hence: Cost per Action.

Within CPA Marketing , companies define a value for each user action and pay the affiliate for it. This action can range from a simple e-mail or phone registration to the sale of a product.

That is, there are dozens of conversion goals that are defined by the advertiser, such as: installation of applications, downloads, general registers, among others …


Advantages of CPA: 

Varied offers and large commissions:

The main advantage of CPA Marketing is precisely that it has more possibilities within a stock campaign and not just the sale itself of a product.

Commissions vary and usually in a lead generation campaign they are smaller, however it is possible to find high commissions also for registrations, such as for credit card companies or some product that needs to win the market.

CPA networks offer varying commissions per lead generation (Photo: Reproduction / MaxBounty).


Another advantage is the high percentage of commissioning for each product / service. Many offers are paid in dollars and generally there is no refund, unlike the infoprodutos.

Not that it is easy to make money in this modality, but with the right strategies it is possible to produce successful campaigns and have good results.

Platforms that work with CPA offerings also offer the possibility of more frequent withdrawals, without having to wait 30 days to withdraw your commissions.


Alternative sources and various possibilities for traffic generation:

There is life outside Google and Facebook. Whoever enters the CPA market realizes this right away.

Even so, the two giants of traffic generation are used by many affiliates with great success. It all depends on the strategy that will be used, and within this area there are several other marketing channels that you can use very efficiently, without even needing to have a blog or website.

Varied sources of traffic can be used to boost business within CPA Marketing (Photo: Pixabay).

Examples of this are products of the “adult” category , which can be successfully advertised on adult sites. For this, there are traffic generation platforms where you can create ads and direct the audience to an advertorial page or to the offer.

If you want to check : Ero Advertising and Exoclick are two platforms that offer this type of service and have dozens of Brazilian sites in its publisher grid.

Also notable for the so – called ‘ Pop Traffic ‘, much used in CPA offers for mobile – games, installation of applications, updating of browsers, among others. Example: Pop Ads is one of the platforms that offer this type of service for Brazilian sites.


How It Works in Practice:

The first step to entering the market is to register in a CPA network. This network is responsible for making the “bridge” between companies and affiliates, serving as a platform for manufacturers to register offers and make available to advertisers.

In Brazil, Monetizze and C2 CPA have several offers in various niches, especially Health, Beauty and Fitness. Also the Web Affiliates , which is a network focused on the area of ​​Health and Wellness.

In addition, you can join some international network that offers, such as MaxBounty .

It is not enough just to register, it is also necessary to answer some questionnaires to be accepted by the CPA networks. Some of them even interview with the candidates before approval (if the network is international, the interview can be done in English).

The main tip here is to be 100% honest in your answers, even if you are a complete beginner in the CPA area. Talk about your digital marketing experience so far and explain that you are starting now in the area, that your chances will be even greater.

The advertiser makes the offer and sets the rules for each CPA campaign: costs, conversion types, and rules for disclosure. The Affiliate does all the marketing, advertising and sales of this offer.


Let’s start?

So what did you think of this article? start a new project in this gigantic market of CPA Marketing?

Tell us in the comments….

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