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Affiliate Marketing: Is It Possible To Make Money ?

Affiliate marketing is among the most sought after modes of making money on the internet , and it’s not for less, there are dozens, maybe hundreds of thousands of people who have created an extra income (who happened to be main) just acting with affiliate marketing on the internet .

Are you thinking of working with affiliate marketing whether on the internet or physical, through companies like Up Cosmetics, among others? Read this content to the end, it will bring unique and important information to become a successful entrepreneur.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the entire program that aims to “sell” third party products / services as an affiliate, receiving a percentage and becoming a partner of the brand.

It is a kind of collaborator, making or not using the brand to propagate and sell the products.

On the internet, affiliate or network marketing has become commonplace with the sale or indications of courses and products, and there are also specialized companies, such as Hotmart , Eduzz and Zanox .

In these options the partner makes the disclosure and indication of the products, and if an action is performed such as click, register or even sale, a value or percentage is received, which are previously agreed upon.

Although it is “recent” affiliate marketing on the internet, face-to-face and physical already happens a long time, is the case of companies such as Natura , Avon and etc.

Which have created “consultants” that are nothing more than an affiliate marketing, however, they need to acquire the products and earn a value (percentage) on each sale.

How Online Affiliate Marketing Works

The structure of creating affiliate marketing tends to be “pyramidal” or at least commissioned. Let’s know the difference between the two modalities?

In the pyramidal structure the partner can integrate other collaborators in his base, also gaining a small percentage over each others’ sales, so we call it “pyramid.”

In the commissioned, there is no possibility of integrating a team or new partners in the base, the connection is made only with the producer.

Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It?

Today, affiliate marketing in the “physical world”, face-to-face, door-to-door has become scarcely targeted, precisely because of the difficulty of being able to sell, few companies and the significant increase in consumers deciding what they want to buy , rather than accepting door-to-door selling (suggestion) so easily.

So while it is possible to earn good money from face / physical affiliate marketing, it is becoming less and less advantageous and harder to achieve success.

Realize, we say that it is more “difficult” and not impossible, it is possible to easily find cases of success acting in this way.

11 Tips For Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur With Affiliate Marketing

To help you with affiliate marketing we have put together 11 unbeatable tips that will make all the difference in your career, check out:

  1. Have Good Relationships And Networking

Especially in the face-to-face affiliate marketing system, good relationships and networking are critical to being able to expand your local brand.

In the beginning it tends to be difficult to work with affiliate marketing precisely because it is unknown, if you have a legal networking, you can have positive results from the beginning.

  1. Choose The Right Company And Products To Represent

Good products and consolidated brand are important prerequisites for the success of an affiliate marketing entrepreneur. People need to believe in the brand and the product must satisfy a need or solve an urgent problem.Diabetic or diabetes control products, for example, tend to have high sales in online affiliate marketing, precisely because they meet the above requirements.

Consumers looking for weight loss tend to be “desperate” and with high esteem shaken, so they are more likely to buy and with fewer objections.

  1. Get To Know Your Target Audience And Niche Potential

The best way to convince consumers to get their product / service indications is by getting to know them deeply, their fears and desires, so that they can work to conquer them and reach the unconscious, responsible for the purchase decision.

Another factor to be noted before even choosing the product that will work in affiliate marketing is the potential of the niche.

Do people really buy within this niche? How often? How is competition and economic power? Issues such as these should be evaluated before starting.

  1. Beware Of Competition

A common mistake when working with affiliate marketing is to focus only on the search for the product and forget that you have competitors, who may have a market monopoly.

For example, working as a shoe affiliate is a difficult task due to strong competition, whether physical or virtual, as is the case of large stores or companies such as Dafiti or Netshoes.

  1. Internet Is No Joke

If you choose to work with affiliate marketing online be aware that it is not a joke, you will have experienced competitors and long years of market research, including specialized teams in virtual marketing to get the best result.

Your only chance is to take the business seriously and devote yourself as much as the others.

  1. Study SEO And Marketing Campaigns

Physical or virtual marketing campaigns will be mandatory to be able to sell the products that will receive commission and, in the case of the internet, SEO (search engine optimization), also known as search engine optimization, will ensure that you have visits to your campaigns and sites, allowing low-cost and everyday sales.

  1. Mount A Strong Base On The Pyramidal System

In the pyramidal system the greater gain comes from your “employees”, that is, those who work at your base and you earn a small percentage over the leads / sales made by them.

Here the number one goal is to build a strong base of people engaged and able to have a good sales turnover.

  1. Be One Of The First

In affiliate marketing being one of the first is synonymous with “exclusivity” and little competition, so many beginners have the initial goal to find brands and products that are just launching but with high potential for investment and growth.

  1. Beware Of Payment Pitfalls

Before dedicating yourself to a company make sure that it makes the payments correctly and in the agreed percentages.

To find out, a good tip is to get in touch with those who have already worked as a partner, and you can get the information you need.

  1. Treat Your Employees Well

Your base employees are part of your revenue / billing, so always remember to treat them well, including, if possible, give extra incentives and benefits that the brand itself does not provide.

  1. Manage As A Company

Perhaps one of the most important points to succeed with affiliate marketing is to treat the business as a company, be it administration, marketing or employee payments.

Still, have a marketing plan and strategic plan, can be decisive and avoid dispersing actions.

Affiliate Marketing Is A Business Like Every Other: Is It Feasible For You?

Many aspiring entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking of affiliate marketing as a “beak”, extra income, and end up not taking it seriously as they should.

Affiliate marketing is a business like all others should be preceded by a business feasibility analysis , strategic planning, working capital and action plan.

So if you are thinking of being successful in this area, I suggest, honestly, dedicate yourself and treat as a real company or business.

Remember, the market already has entrepreneurs trained and solid bases, so you must be prepared to get a good space in the market.

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