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17 Steps to Your Email Marketing Strategy

Like your blog, your email list is one of the most important assets you can have for the success of your online venture.

However, if you’ve been writing emails for some time, you know how hard it is to encourage people to open, read and click on the links in your email.

If you want to improve your opening rate, number of clicks, and relationship to your list, this article was made especially for you.

First, you need good software to organize, automate, and send your emails to large numbers of people.

In this article  I make a comparison between Mailchimp , Xmail (my favorite) and Aweber, as well as showing 10 essential areas of your site to capture more emails.

With the chosen software , follow this article and I’ll share  17 “secret” tips for writing emails that are opened, read, and clicked.

1. Do not buy mailing lists

Seriously, do not even think about it. Purchased email lists do not work and can destroy your reputation.

This will be the worst investment you ever made. It will spend money, burn your reputation, and fuel a dishonest practice of contacting someone who has never entrusted you with this right.

The marketing times by the interruption already was. The permission marketing reigns now absolute.

To learn more about the difference between them, see this infographic here .

2. Be Personal


Use your name instead of your company name or website.

People connect with people. Nowadays, people are interested in knowing who is behind a website.

So instead of sending an email like this:

3. Write a title that is impossible not to open

The title of your article and your email are very, very important.

If the reader fails to open your email, it will not do anything to have wonderful content that will never be read.

So do not think twice before spending time with your title.

In doubt about how to create impossible titles if ignored?

Tip: Try not to extrapolate 70 characters . Less is more.

4. If possible, personalize your emails with the name of the person who will receive them


Everything in life is a choice. Choices that have a trade-off . You win on one side, but lose on the other.

Here at Blog Live and on most sites that capture emails, you’ll see that we’re asking only for the person’s email.

However, when you also ask for the name, the increase in clicks on emails can be up to 14% ,

What is the traff-off ?

  1. Or you capture more emails, asking only the email and not asking for the name.
  2. Or you capture fewer emails, asking for email and name, getting a more responsive list, which clicks more on your emails.

I prefer to collect only the email, since the additional field (a new barrier) can reduce the user’s willingness to give away his email.

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